Compensation for Losses


Survivors with out-of-pocket losses that are a direct result of a crime may request restitution. Eligible expenses include, but are not limited to, medical & dental bills, counseling costs, lost wages, property damage, & repairing damaged property. Restitution may also be made for anticipated expenses such as medical or counseling expenses.

Criminal court cannot order restitution for payments such as pain, suffering, or emotional trauma. These types of financial compensation may be pursued in a personal injury claim in civil court.

Restitution payments are made to the Wadena Court Administrator’s Office, which sends a check for the amount paid to the crime victim. It is important that the survivor keep court administration informed of any address change.


Survivors of violent crime may be eligible for financial assistance through the Minnesota Board of Reparations. This program also provides financial assistance to reimburse survivors for the out-of-pocket expenses.

The possible benefits from this program is up to $50,000 per survivor. Eligible expenses include medical, counseling, cultural healing services, mileage, funeral expenses, lost wages, other financial loss, child care, home health care, transportation costs, meals, lodging, crime scene clean-up. Pain & suffering, stolen money, & property damage are NOT covered under this program.

This program allows for the survivors to obtain funding prior to criminal court completion.

For complete information & application, contact the Victim/Witness Program or the Minnesota Crime Victim Reparations Board at 888-662-8799.