Victim/Witness Program

Program Services:

Wadena County Attorney’s Office, in conjunction with Victim/Witness Program, is committed to providing valuable services to the victims & witnesses in criminal cases. Victim/Witness Coordinators are not attorneys & cannot provide any legal advice.

No one asks or wants to become a survivor of a crime. Should it happen to you, it is important to this office that you feel comfortable with the criminal court process as it is absolutely dependent upon your cooperation. The criminal court process is confusing. This office is committed to providing you with information & support during this during this difficult time. The victim/witness coordinator is here to assist you as needed.

Services offered by victim/witness coordinator include:

• Provide education & services to ensure victim rights are administered.

• Providing information about victim rights throughout the criminal justice process.

• Notify survivors of court hearing dates & outcomes, contents of proposed plea agreements, proposed sentence modifications, & final deposition of the case.

• Notify survivors of proposed plea agreements, proposed modifications to proposed sentences & notify prosecuting attorney of any concerns or additions.

• Arranging meetings between survivors & witnesses with the prosecuting attorney & other agencies within the criminal justice system. Provide escort to meetings for support.

• Ensuring survivors that they have a voice throughout the entire criminal justice process. Encouraging survivors to participate in prosecution.

• Assistance with victim impact statements, affidavits for restitution, & completion of application for Minnesota Board of Reparations as appropriate.

• Provide education regarding no contact/harassment orders & assisting with completion or referring to community advocate for assistance.

• Provide information regarding community resources or services & making referrals as needed.

This office appreciates your input & suggestions on how to improve this program. Thank you!