Children and Young Families

Car Seat Safety and Information

Early Childhood Screenings (ECS)

  •  CDC Milestone Tracker
  • Health tips and guidance through the "Ages & Stages" all the way from prenatal up to young adult.
  •  Help Me Connect : A navigator connecting pregnant individuals and families with young children (birth – 8 years old) with services in their local communities that empower families to be healthy and safe. 

Help Me Connect

Family Health/Family Planning

Family Home Visiting

Newborn Health and Postnatal / Prenatal Maternal Health  

Oral Health

  • At Wadena County Public Health, dental varnishing is available to young children that are on medical assistance. Dental varnishing (fluoride varnish) is a safe, protective coating that is painted on the teeth to help prevent or stop cavities that have already started. 
  • For more information about dental varnishing, visit: Fluoride Varnish in the Child and Teen Checkups (C&TC) Setting or call Wadena County Public Health at 218-631-7629.

Poison Control Center 

Postpartum Depression Resources

Depression during or after pregnancy is common. Good news is it is treatable and you do not have to suffer.  Learn more at this website included below, and contact your home-visit nurse or medical provider.

Women, Infant, and Children Nutrition Program (WIC)