The Wadena County Recycling Center is part of the Transfer Station.  This is our central collection point for recyclable items from the public and also the recycling bins located throughout Wadena County.  Please view the images below to find out what we do and don't recycle and locations of our public recycling drop-off locations.

transfer station

Although they are recyclable, plastic bags do not belong in the recycling bin.  We ask that you either dump out your bags or use paper bags to put your recyclables in the recycling bins.  To explain why, the Recycling Association of Minnesota has put together a video on plastic film recycling.

To find more locations that collect plastic bags and films for recycling, click here to visit the W.R.A.P. website!

Acceptable Recycling Items

Wadena County accepts the following recyclable materials at the public recycling dumpsters (see map below) and at our transfer station.    

cardboard material

Cardboard must be flat and dry.  No grease. 

plastic materials

Plastic containers should be empty and rinsed.  Caps should be on.


metal materials

Metal cans, empty and rinsed.  No need to remove labels.

glass materials

Glass bottles and jars should be empty and rinsed out. No need to remove labels.

paper materials

Paper recycling includes magazines, newspapers, notebook paper, food boxes, and more. Must be dry. Rip covers off books before recycling.

Unacceptable Items



The Recycling Center is located 2.5 miles north of Wadena on 11th Street NW and .5 miles east on 170th Street.

Township Recycling  Locations

Each township and municipality has a recycling location to which its residents can drop off recyclable items for monthly pickup by local haulers.

Bin Locations