Demolition Landfill

demo landfill

This facility is owned and operated by the county. The landfill accepts only Wadena County demolition debris at a rate of $16.00 per cubic yard.  

Acceptable Waste:

Asphalt Pavement
Uncontaminated Soil
Masonry (bricks, stucco, and plaster)
Untreated Wood
Attached Wall Coverings
Electrical Wiring and Components
Roofing Materials
Duct Work
Wall board/Sheet rock
Built-In Cabinetry
Plumbing Fixtures
Attached Carpet and Padding
Attached Other Flooring Materials
Conduit and Pipes
Window and Door Glass (from buildings and structures)
Molded Fiberglass (tubs and shower surrounds)
Drain Tile
Ceiling Tile

For any items not listed, check with operator before placing in a load.

Any unacceptable waste (with some exceptions) can be disposed of in the Transfer Station for an additional fee.

NO garbage, cardboard, appliances, electronics, tires, fluorescent bulbs/ballasts, asbestos or treated lumber allowed.  If these materilas are found you will either pick out the unacceptable waste items or may be charged a sorting fee.


Click the link below for MPCA Demolition and Renovation Regulations.
MPCA Pre-renovation or Demolition Requirements