Child Protection

Report Suspected Child Maltreatment

Child Protection reports can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The intake social worker is available from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday. For after hour emergencies, please call Law Enforcement at 218-631-7600.

Wadena County Human Services encourages you to call even if you are not sure whether or not to make a report. The intake staff are willing to assist you through the process.

  1. If a child is in immediate danger, Call 911. 
  2. Call Child Protective Services at 218-631-7605 and ask to speak to the intake worker
  3. File a maltreatment report
  4. To fax a maltreatment report, send to 218-631-7616. 

Mandated Reporters

Mandated reporters must report suspected child maltreatment over the phone within 24 hours and a written report must be submitted within 72 hours.

Intake and Referral Services

Reports are received through the intake social worker at Wadena County Human Services. Reports can be received via phone, email, online submission, fax, and in person.

The Intake Social Worker can also answer any questions that may arise in regards to agency practices and services, discuss community resources, identify if the information is reportable, and any other strategies for a family to utilize.

All reports received through the intake process are screened with the Child Protection Screening Team within 24 hours of the report to determine whether the report meets Minnesota State Maltreatment Guidelines. Wadena County Human Services works alongside local Law Enforcement as well as community professionals to determine how to proceed.

Child Protection Assessments/Investigations

Child Protection Assessments are conducted in response to reports of child maltreatment not involving substantial child endangerment, sexual abuse, or situations of serious danger. The focus of a Child Protection Assessment is to engage a family’s protective factors and offer services that address immediate and ongoing safety concerns.

Child Protection Investigations are a response to the most serious reports of maltreatment to children; including: substantial child endangerment, sexual abuse, and sex trafficking. The focus of a Child Protection Investigation is to gather facts, assess/evaluate risk for subsequent child maltreatment, and assess the family’s protective factors related to child safety

Child Protection & Child Welfare Case Management

Child Protection Case Management services are provided to families who have a determination that protective services are needed through the court system. The Social Worker will work alongside a family to develop a case plan with set goals to ensure safety and well-being. Services offered may include mental health services, chemical dependency services, parenting education, out of home placement, housing resources, employment resources, respite services, etc.

Child Welfare Case Management services are provided to families who are open to working with a social worker to address their needs on a longer term basis that cannot be achieved through the assessment.


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