Wadena County Recorder


“To protect, preserve, and promptly record documents relating to Real Estate and
Vital Statistics  in a methodical manner for posterity and legal purposes.”

Applicants seeking to obtain Vital Records, i.e. birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate, marriage license, ministerial credential and notary filings can be obtained between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:00 pm.   Marriage licenses will be issued until 3:30 p.m.

Please call our office at 218-631-7622 or 218-631-7788 if you would like to make an appointment.


     The Wadena County Recorder is the custodian for all legal records pertaining to real estate transfers, vital records, and federal/state tax liens. All documents are examined to ensure they contain the required information.


     The Recorder’s Office provides the following services:

             □ Real Estate Recordings (Abstract and Torrens)

             □ Federal and State Tax Lien Filings and Searches 

             □ Vital Statistics 

             □ Military Discharge Filing

             □ Notary Public Commission Filing

             □ Ministerial Credential Filing

             □ Passport Photos



            □ LandShark

                 • ONLINE DISCLAIMER

                 • ONLINE ACCESS AGREEMENT

            □ Recording Checklist



 Online Marriage Application

            □ Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS) Records 1873-Current

            □ Minnesota Secretary of State Notary Filing

            □ Minnesota Department of Revenue e-CRV

            □ Minnesota Department of Health e-Well



    There are two real estate recording systems in Minnesota – Abstract and Torrens. With the “abstract system” an abstract is evidence of title. In the “Torrens system” the certificate of title is the title. There are different requirements for recording the documents in each system.



        Abstract Title property is the most common form of title found in the United States. An Abstract of Title is a summarized history of all recorded documents relating to particular tract of land affecting the title. It begins with a legal description of land covered by the abstract and then shows the original patent and all subsequent recorded documents.



   Minnesota Statues Section 357.18

            □ Record documents - $46.00 for each document

            □ Multiple filing of satisfactions, partial releases, and assignments

                        *Additional $10.00 per document cited after 4 documents

            □ Certified Copies of Documents - $10.00

            □ Real Estate Document copies – $.25 per page      

            □ Attested Copies - $2.00

            □ Plat Filing - $56.00

            □ Real Estate Lien Search - $10.00 per name or parcel

                                     *There are no licensed abstractors employed in our office. No searches performed by members of the recording staff are certified searches.

            □ Well Certificates - $50.00*

            □ Return Check Charge - $30.00

 *For all deeds with a State Deed Tax over $1.65, you must disclose whether
  or not there is a well on the property. 

 For information pertaining to well certificates, visit www.health.state.mn.us.


    Torrens Title property is property in which the title is under the supervision of the District Court. Under the supervision of the court, the Registrar of Titles issues an original certificate of title, which is kept in the office of the Registrar. The owner of the property receives a copy of this certificate.



 Minnesota Statutes Section 508.82

            □ Document Transferring a Certificate - $46.00

            □ Entry of Memorial - $46.00

            □ Multiple Certificates entered thereafter - $20.00

            □ Exchange Certificates $20.00 for each certificate canceled and $20.00 for each

               new certificate issued

            □ Certified Copies of Documents - $10.00

            □ Real Estate Document copies – $.25 per page

            □ Attested Copies - $2.00

            □ Plat/Registered Land Survey - $56.00

            □ Real Estate Lien Search - $10.00 per name or parcel

            □ Well Certificates - $50.00*

            □ Return Check Charge - $30.00

  *For all deeds with a State Deed Tax over $1.65, you must disclose whether 
 or not there is a well on the property. 

 For information pertaining to well certificates, visit 


Please check the following BEFORE SENDING in for recording:



            □ Document dated

            □ Document signed

            □ Acknowledgement requires

                     - Date
                      - Legible Notary Seal, Notary Signature, Notary Commission Expire Date
                      - Names & marital status (single or husband and wife) of signatures being acknowledged
                      - Corporate Acknowledgement (business name, who signs and their titles)

             □ Legal Description (Check to see if complete)

             □ Exhibits are attached

             □ “Drafted by:” include Name and Address

             □ Filing Fees (see above)

             □ White-out is unacceptable on any legal documents

             □ Please present all appropriate documents Registered Land to ensure filing in the 

                appropriate office per the following statute: 

                                        508.76 Subd 2


Documents misfiled

The registrar may reasonable rely on the affirmative representation of the party presenting instruments for filing as to whether the land described in the instruments or any part of it is registered or unregistered. A party who request that misfiled instruments be refiled with the registrar is responsible for paying any additional fees required to properly file any instrument misfiled because of an incorrect representation and, if applicable, to enter a new certificate of title.




            □ State Deed Tax included (Purchase price times .0033 “ Deed Tax)

                   “Exception: Hennepin and Ramsey counties (Purchase price times .0034 = Deed Tax)
            □ Completed certificate of Real Estate Value

            □ “Send Tax Statements to:” Include Name and Address

            □ Are there delinquent taxes due?

            □ If split in tax parcel – all current taxes must be paid

            □ If applicable, statement regarding “Total Consideration for this transfer is $500 or less”  

                and enclose $1.65 Deed Tax

                     *Exception: Hennepin and Ramsey Counties enclose $1.70 Deed Tax
             □ Completed Well Certificate and $50.00 fee OR one of the statements that apply:

                         “The Seller certifies that the Seller does not know of any wells on the described real property.” 
                          “I am familiar with the property described in this instrument and I certify that the status 
                          and number of wells on the described real property have not changed since the last 
                          previously filed well disclosure certificate.”


            □ Correction of Documents 

                (Need to have new signatures and new acknowledgement along with a correction statement.)


    Federal and State tax liens are recorded at the Wadena County Recorder’s Office and are indexed by taxpayer name. Tax lien searches can be completed by the Recorder’s office for a fee.


            □ Federal Tax Lien Search and/or State Tax Lien search - $20.00 per name

                 (Use form UCC-12, this form can be found at http://www.sos.state.mn.us)


    The County Recorder’s office is the Local Registrar of Vital Records for the Minnesota Department of Health. Records include births, deaths, and marriages for Wadena County. Birth certificates from 1935 to 

the present and death certificates from 1997 to the present may obtained in any county in Minnesota.

Any person interested in genealogy may come into the office and research family history. All records in the office date back to 1875.



    You can print a Birth or Death Record Application and bring the completed application to the

Recorder’s Office. You need to have a valid driver’s license or state issued photo ID when applying. You can also mail the completed application to the Recorder’s Office. If applying by mail, your application must be notarized. Certified copies of birth certificates can only be issued to parties demonstrating tangible interest. MN Statute Section 144.225, subd.7 

    For additional information about birth and death certificates, go to: www.health.state.mn.us .



            □ Certified Birth Certificate - $26.00 Birth Certificate Application

                      Additional copies if purchased at the same time - $19.00 each

            □ Certified Death Certificate - $13.00 Death Certificate Application

 Non Certified Death Application

                      Additional copies if purchased at the same time - $6.00 each



Couples may complete an on-line marriage license application at the Recorder’s office between the hours of 8:00 am – 3:30 pm or by using your home computer or mobile device completing the steps outlined on the following site:  https://moms.mn.gov/application
Completing the on-line application is the first step in applying for a marriage license.  Both applicants must appear in person at the Recorder’s office to finish the process.  You will need to sign the application, show valid driver’s license or state issued photo ID and pay the appropriate fee(s).  If you apply outside the office, once you appear at the Recorder’s office you will inform office staff that you applied on-line, give your names, and they will access and retrieve the application for further processing.  
 The marriage license is valid for a period of six (6) months and may be used only in Minnesota.

You will be provided with ONE certified copy of the marriage certificate as courtesy from the Recorder’s Office.

  FEES: (Non-Refundable)

  • Full Fee Marriage License – $115.00
  • Reduced Fee Marriage License - $40.00  Subject to ALL of the following Requirements: a. Applicants hve completed at least 12 hours of premarital counseling or education, b. Provide an “Educator’s Statement” according to MS 517.08 Subd (1bat the time the application is made (educational requirements and format of form outlined in statute or is available at the Recorder’s office)
  •  Re-Issuance of a Marriage License - $20.00*

A name change through the marriage process is a LEGAL CHANGE of name, therefore make certain you clearly identify on the application the name you want after marriage.

 If applicant(s) were previously married you will need to supply the following information:
 a. The reason marriage ended: divorce, death or annulment.
 b. Provide complete date (mm/dd/yyyy) of divorce, death or annulment.
 c. County and state of divorce, death or annulment.
 d. Type of court for divorce (i.e. District or Circuit).
 e. Previous married name(s) are required for both applicants if divorced.
Upon receipt of your marriage license and certificate, please be sure to read them carefully to check for any spelling errors of names, addresses, etc.  *There is a $20.00 re-issuance fee for this service as outlined above.  Changes requested after marriage might require a court order to change.
 Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and not under guardianship or conservatorship. 
 If you need additional certified copies of the marriage certificate the fee is $9.00 each.


        To perform marriages in the State of Minnesota, the ministerial credentials must be recorded BEFORE performing a marriage. You can record your credentials in any county in Minnesota. Bring the original license or ordination certificate to the Wadena County Recorder’s Office to be copied, recorded and returned to you. MN Statute Chapter 517


      Out-of-State Ministers must record their credentials in Minnesota BEFORE performing a marriage in the state. Please print and complete the Certificate of Filing form from the link below. Return the completed/notarized form to our office along with the original license or ordination certificate, a copy of your valid driver’s license or state issued photo id and the required fee. Your originals will be returned to you.


            □ Ministerial Credentials & Certificate of Filing - $20.00  Certificate of Filing



    The Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS) is a statewide search engine for marriage certificates. MOMS allows the public to search, confirm and order a marriage certificate from the custodial county or contact the custodial county directly if it is known where the marriage license was obtained. All 87 Minnesota counties are participating in this voluntary system.


     The Wadena County Recorder is the Local Registrar for Vital Records and is responsible for maintaining the county’s marriage records dating back to 1873. All of these records have been entered into the Minnesota Official Marriage System (MOMS). Note: The Marriage Certificate is filed with the county where the marriage license was obtained, NOT the county where the marriage took place. Check out the new website http://moms.mn.gov/.



    Military Discharge papers, DD-214, can be filed with your county of residence. We will record the original and return it back to you. If you need a certified copy of your DD-214 and have previously filed it you can obtain this from the Recorder's office. As a courtesy to our veterans, there is no fee for this service, but you will be required to complete an application and to show identification. Access to these records is restricted.



    Notary Public Commissions are issued by the Minnesota Department of State. Processing of applications and renewals is completed by the Secretary of State’s office. Applications can be completed online at https://notary.sos.state.mn.us. After receiving your Notary Commission card, register in your county of residence in Minnesota.


            □ Record Notary Public Commission - $20.00




            □ Passport Photos - $14.00 for set of 2 photos

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