Human Services

WCHS Summer 2022

Are you in need of Child Care Assistance? 
Child Care Assistance Program

Become a Volunteer Driver!

Do you find that you have some spare time and wish to spend it helping others?  Volunteer driver services might be the answer for you!  Volunteer drivers provide an invaluable service to those in our community.

*The driver sets their own schedule and transportation area.

* Drivers use their personal vehicle and mileage reimbursement is available.

*Volunteering is a rewarding experience, contributing to the community.

If this sounds appealing to you, please contact Friendly Rider Transit at 218-631-5730 for more information.

Wadena County Human Services Recognizes: 

 2021 Daycare Provider of the Year Award winners

 Public Notices:

2024-2025 Biennial MFIP Service Agreement
2020 Block Grant
Adult Protection and Child Support Performance Report October 2022
 Wadena County Data:
Wadena County Child Safety and Permanency and MFIP/DWP Self-Support Index July 2021

Wadena County Human Services includes:

Services Provided

Social Services

  • Chemical Dependency services which include assessment, treatment, referral and support of addicted persons
  • Child Care Assistance Program
  • Child protection services such as prevention, assessment, intervention, and resolution of child abuse and neglect
  • Day care licensing and supervision
  • Developmentally Disabled services such as case management, support and living arrangements
  • Elder care which includes prevention of nursing home placements by in-home service to the elderly
  • Foster care licensing and supervision
  • Mental health services such as case management, maintenance and support of mentally ill
  •  Wadena County partners with Sourcewell for all adult foster care licensing services. Find licensing information and forms on the Sourcewell website.  Are you interested in becoming licensed? Learn more and start the process by contacting a regional licensing specialist at .

Financial & Medical Support

Child Support

Child support provides paternity and child support establishment, medical support, and child care support.