Human Services

The Wadena County Human Services department includes:

  • Child Support
  • Financial and Medical Services
  • Referral Services
  • Social Services

Services Provided

Social Services

  • Chemical Dependency services which include assessment, treatment, referral and support of addicted persons
  • Child Care Assistance Program
  • Child protection services such as prevention, assessment, intervention, and resolution of child abuse and neglect
  • Day care licensing and supervision
  • Developmentally Disabled services such as case management, support and living arrangements
  • Elder care which includes prevention of nursing home placements by in-home service to the elderly
  • Foster care licensing and supervision
  • Mental health services such as case management, maintenance and support of mentally ill

Financial & Medical Support

  • SNAP
  • GA (General Assistance)
  • GAMC (General Assistance Medical Care)
  • GRH (Group Residential Housing)
  • MA (Medical Assistance)
  • MFIP (Minnesota Family Investment Program)
  • MSA (Minnesota Supplemental Aid)

Child Support

Child support provides paternity and child support establishment, medical support, and child care support.

Referral Services

Referral services to various agencies such as halfway houses, supported employment, mental health units, etc. are available.