The Wadena County Sheriff’s Office has 1 K-9 Unit: Deputy Troy Wangsness and his K-9 partner “Nitro.” The K-9 Unit is used to track suspects, lost individuals, apprehend suspects, protect the deputy, and locate narcotics. The K-9's squad car is specially equipped to meet their needs.


The K-9 Unit is required to maintain a high level of skill and continuous training. Some of their duties include the following:
  • Community drug education/demonstrations
  • Narcotic sweeps of correctional facilities
  • Neighborhood drug activity suppression
  • Participation in narcotics interdiction efforts
  • Recovery of evidence
  • School searches
  • Service of search warrants
  • Street sweeps
  • Traffic safety checks
We are a county funded program, therefore all of our services are free. The K-9 unit serves all of Wadena County and surrounding areas. The purchase of Nitro was donated to the Wadena County Sheriff's Office by local businesses along with private donations.

Contact Information

To request a K-9 demonstration or report drug activity, contact Deputy Wangsness at 218-631-7600 or via email.