The Communications Center, Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP), for Wadena County provides enhanced 911 services for a population of approximately 13,650 people. The communications staff is comprised of 9 full-time dispatchers that work closely with the county's 5 fire departments / rescue squads, Tri-County ambulance service and 5 law enforcement agencies and neighboring PSAP's to provide a full range of emergency and non-emergency public safety services over a new radio network, which includes tower and radio sites at Wadena, Verndale, Sebeka, and Menahga, Minnesota.
Woman taking a 911 call - side view
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The Wadena County 911 Communication Center is responsible for dispatching for 7 cities and 15 townships.

Committed to Quality
The Wadena County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing the highest quality delivery of public safety communication services to the public. When your 911 call is received, the phone number and address of the phone from which you are calling appears on the computer screen at the Wadena County Communications Center (except some cellular calls). Not all cellular phone companies are sending location information on wireless 911 calls.

In all cases the dispatcher will verify your information and ask you questions about what you are reporting, the information is rapidly typed into a computer aided dispatch system and the appropriate responders are dispatched while you are on the phone with the dispatcher.