Civil Process

Wadena County Schedule of Fees

Fees Schedule
Serving a summons, warrant, writ and subpoena for any process issued by a court of record for EACH defendant served.
Returning Certificate of Service unsatisfied when no service is made.
Includes making a diligent search and /or inquire and returning papers NOT FOUND
when defendants cannot be found.
Taking & approving a bond $8.00
Taking & approving a bond (Certified copy) $2.00
Collection on execution after levy:  10% of amount
Seized, Collected, or stipulated to by the parties 10%
Posting three notices of sale $75.00
Certificate of sale of real estate
Copy of the certificate of sale
Selling land on foreclosure of a mortgage and for all services
required, including executing certificate of sale and postponing such sale
Receiving and paying over money paid on redemption of property
and executing a certificate. MN Statute 580.25 for the documents
delivered to the Sheriff following a redemption
Issuing a certificate of redemption and any related service $250.00
Notice of intent to redeem per MN State Statute 580.24 $100.00
Securing and safely keeping property in replevin, attachment
or on execution; to be computed on the basis of Time Spent and 
hourly rate of pay of the sheriff or deputy executing the process
plus mileage and deputys time if more than one hour
Standing by on property exchange on Writ of restitution (Evictions) 
and other court orders. Deputy time per hour includes mileage
Writ of Execution for each bank levy, wage levy or personal demand
to be paid in advance
Preparing a levy $20.00
For services not herein enumerated $75.00
When mileage is allowed the sheriff, it shall be computed from the 
place where the court is usually held on a round trip basis per mile.
IRS Rate
Background checks-in house (per check) $5.00
Background checks-in house and dispatch (per check) $10.00
Copies of reports (per page) $0.25
Copy of audio CD/DVD $10.00
Towing Actual cost of Towing
Permit to carry a pistol $100.00
Permit to carry renewal fee before 30 days of expiration $75.00
Permit to carry renewal fee after 30 days of expiration $85.00
Permit to carry address change or replacement card $10.00
Permit to purchase a handgun Free
Rental of a deputy per hour  $65.00
Storage at the Sheriff`s impound lot per day (caps at $2400.00 over 2 years.
Less than 2 years will be at daily rate plus tow fee.
Finger Printing $20.00