The Wadena County Attorney's Office serves as the chief prosecutor for all felony, gross misdemeanors, and juvenile offenses committed within Wadena County. In addition, the office prosecutes misdemeanors and petty misdemeanors which occur within the unincorporated areas of the County.  The County Attorney's Office uses its authority in a manner that ensures due process and equal protections to the victim, the accused, and the citizens at large.

The Wadena County Attorney's Office also provides legal representation to Wadena County Human Services in the areas of child support enforcement, child protection, commitments, emergency guardianships, and public assistance litigation.

 The Wadena County Attorney's Office serves as chief legal counsel for the Wadena County Board of Commissioners, the various departments, committees and officials. The office represents the County in both State and Federal courts and other jurisdictions where authorized. The office also appears on behalf of the County before such agencies, commissions, boards and other organizations before whom the County has business.

Brief Description of Main Duties 

In each of Minnesota's 87 counties, a county attorney is elected to handle numerous criminal and civil legal responsibilities. Following is a brief description of the duties of the county attorney and the county attorney's relationship to the county board.

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